Christi Lord

Lord Web Design

is a digital marketing company with offices in Chicago and Naperville IL. Led by Christi Lord and her five-star team of digital marketing professionals, we serve local businesses in Naperville, Chicago, and other cities in Illinois that require help establishing their digital presence.


Christi Lord

Web design is but one of many of our core competencies; Lord Web Design can help with all aspects of digital marketing, including web design, web development, Google Ads management, social media content, social media management, search engine optimization, and affiliate marketing, and monthly website optimizations.

Lord Web Design offers bespoke digital marketing solutions to businesses; customizing our approach for each client website is our game. We are agile and flexible, and we’ve been known to turn things around quickly for our clients, bringing the viable website to life and ready for new customers.

We aim to promote business growth through Chicago and Naperville digital marketing, bringing over a decade of experience to everything we do. We believe the right combination of professional digital marketing services can turn an ailing business around. Do you have a new business that needs a considerable boost to overcome local competition?

Perhaps you’re a business owner who has been in the game for decades but has only fully decided to go digital this year?

Whatever the case, we all have to begin somewhere, and whether you have a one-day-old website or a site that’s been technically around since the early 2000s (but with not much traffic), we can help you out.

Lord Web Design specializes in generating organic traffic through competent web development, expert web design, and search engine optimization services. This Chicago digital marketing company aims to develop a long-term approach for growth, and all that has to do with how a website is built and what you do with it. We offer technical SEO audits, SEO copywriting, keyword research, competitor research, and so much more. We are your one-stop solution for getting any new web project. We also provide expert SEO consultancy services. Partner with our SEO director and create the most powerful SEO strategy for your local search efforts.

Our SEO strategy involves plenty of local marketing, building website authority, improving your brand credibility, and all these efforts ultimately lead to better search visibility on Google. However, every business needs a long-term strategy to remain in business. Digital marketing through SEO and perhaps Google Ads (for special promotions and related campaigns) can help you get there.

Lord Web Design helps set the stage for a much brighter future for your business. You have the products/services; we have the expert skills to bring your brand and offerings closer to the public. Whether you’re a one-year-old business or a twenty-year-old company wanting to scale, there are many ways to bring your message and content to paying customers. So stop guessing and start working with SEO and digital marketing professionals who bring businesses to greater heights daily.