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Professional web design Bolingbrook IL is central to the further success of any local (digital) business. Business owners must realize that their design is the core of a successful digital presence. Therefore, there is no better partner than an expert company specializing in web design Bolingbrook IL.

Professional web design doesn’t just turn plain-looking websites into stunning business pages. The visual aspect is just one part of the equation.

Web design allows businesses to achieve more with their digital marketing efforts. Additionally, optimizing a website often means changing its layout and page design. Adding useful plugins and elements on important pages requires the intelligent web design Bolingbrook IL. In short, you need web design for almost anything-including SEO.

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There’s More to Web Design Bolingbrook IL Than Meets the Eye

If you’re trying to increase your website’s performance, you probably already know that you must track and develop several things simultaneously. Unfortunately, in life and digital marketing, we tend to focus solely on just one (or two) crucial aspects while ignoring others that may be just as important.

Unfortunately, many website owners ignore web design, especially if their primary goal is to increase organic traffic. To genuinely rank higher than your competitors, you need more than just SEO.

SEO is essential, but you must design your website to improve your online reputation. You need a well-designed website, or you might risk losing all the organic equity you’ve accumulated.

SEO and site design function more effortlessly together than many may believe.

Your site’s visitors should not notice what you’ve developed if you’ve done an excellent job; they should surf the site because your website is functional and a pleasure to use.

So, in what aspects do SEO and web design mesh?

Designing a Mobile-Friendly Site with Web Design Bolingbrook IL

Anyone familiar with digital marketing will already know the significance of a mobile-friendly website. But unfortunately, you would be many years behind if your site is still not responsive to smartphones and other mobile devices.

Google first introduced the mobile-friendly criterion in 2015, and just two years later, the search engine dropped its mobile-first indexing ‘bomb’ on (many) unsuspecting digital businesses.

In just a few years, the mobile-friendly versions of websites were the priority. Surfing the internet on mobile devices was no longer a novel idea; it was the norm. Google did not retire its desktop crawler, but the primary crawler was the one that prioritized the mobile-friendly versions of sites. The desktop version was the secondary version.

It is evident how much Google values mobile friendliness, yet many websites have yet to catch on.

Since a few years ago, the number of individuals looking on desktop computers has been falling, while the number of people searching on mobile devices has been continuously rising. More than fifty percent of all online traffic comes from mobile devices, implying that more than fifty percent of your audience is likely to be on mobile devices. Without a mobile-friendly website layout, you risk alienating half of your audience. That is a massive slice of your total traffic.

A website with a high bounce rate because it does not load correctly on a mobile device may send negative signals to Google, causing your ranks to drop. While Google tries to be conservative with penalizing websites, it does lower the rank of websites that don’t welcome people on smartphones.

Giving Customers an Easy-to-Read Layout

If you’ve been attempting to increase your organic traffic, you’ve undoubtedly spent a great deal of time creating and publishing new content. However, some individuals may be unaware of how influential the design of a website may be on its content, or at least its presentation.

Poor web design might make it hard for visitors to do what they came to your website. Solve this by working with the right company specializing in web design Bolingbrook IL.

Any audience you could attract to your website is obliterated by pages with disorganized content blocks and excessive links that lack a clear purpose. And if no one can get the desired information? They leave.

You’ve probably seen some disorganized websites in the past. They all have ‘little details that make them less than stellar websites. Perhaps it was white writing on a pure white backdrop or a dark hue on a black background. Unfortunately, these designs are reminiscent of the frequently awful websites of the mid-to-late-1990s.

However, color is not always the issue. Page text can also be huge, too small to read comfortably, or otherwise written in a typeface that’s too difficult to read on smartphones (or even PCs).

Sites that are difficult to read on any device or desktop will swiftly repel new site visitors. This shows how important typography is for web design.

Web designers understand how to construct websites that simplify for consumers to absorb your material, maximizing your return on investment.

White space, line length, and any additional components such as graphics might influence how much attention users give to your website. Also, remember to consider those with impairments by opting for an inclusive web design type.

Site Speed

If your site speed is suffering, what do you think is slowing down your website? Site speed issues can relate to bad web design or coding issues.

Site speed is one of the most crucial components of technical SEO, and it is a common shortcoming. Web design impacts site speed.

If you haven’t been ranking well, your website may be too sluggish, causing visitors to leave soon. A website that cannot load quickly will likely increase your site’s bounce rate.

Page performance is an important Google ranking signal; therefore, it makes sense that you commit time and effort to speed up your website.

You can speed up your website by enabling caching, removing some plugins that aren’t as useful to your cause, and optimizing your images.

Now, you may believe that your website loads quickly enough without understanding how long visitors are ready to wait. Your website should ideally load in two seconds.

If it takes more than three seconds, up to fifty percent of users will likely leave your site. Page speed is even more crucial on mobile devices; users are even less inclined to wait. Not only is page speed crucial to users, but Google also values it. Google’s ability to crawl your site is influenced by its speed.

If your page speed prompts Google to crawl fewer pages, fewer of your pages will be indexed. Non-indexed pages will rank. They won’t even appear on Google on page 100. This is because they do not exist for the search engine.


A sitemap is essential for website organization. Your web design Bolingbrook IL company should be able to help you create more organized sitemaps. Your sitemap provides search engines with an index of your website’s pages and information. This allows you to point which pages are the most vital to your website to search engines.

This is a particularly critical aspect to get properly for more significant and newer websites that may not have any external links yet. Sitemaps help search engines in new content discovery.s

In addition to helping search engines, sitemaps facilitate human navigation. A new visitor to your website can consult the sitemap for navigational assistance. Sitemaps also include valuable metadata about your web pages, which increases their chances of ranking well.