Digital Marketing for Medical Practices

Digital Marketing For Medical Practices



What services do you offer for medical practices?


Demandforce is a full-service, HIPAA compliant patient engagement platform for doctors, automatically fulfilling patient needs online while you focus on what matters most – your patients. 


Build your online presence and credibility with an industry-specific website. Include educational content pulled from a comprehensive library to give patients more background on your services and various procedures. Plus, provide 24/7 access to a convenient Doctor Patient Portal, where they can view their visit history, appointment notes, and prescriptions, submit forms, and communicate with your staff. 


Targeted email campaigns help you increase appointment bookings, market specific services, or simply keep your practice relevant in your patients’ minds. HIPAA compliant text messaging to patients makes quick, two-way communication easy and secure. Appointment reminders reduce no-shows and keep your schedule busy, while automated recall reminders remind inactive patients that they’re due for a check up.


Our software for reputation management allows you to seamlessly capture, publish, respond to, and monitor reviews on one cohesive dashboard, while comparing them to competitor reviews to get valuable insight on your local industry.


Why should I use your patient engagement platform for doctors?


We help you achieve your practice goals by giving prospective and existing patients 24/7 engagement with you. We’ve helped practices like yours see 100% more bookings, 94% more online reviews, 87% boosted email activity and 51% more appointment confirmations.


Performance: Demandforce provides a competitive patient engagement platform for doctors, offering deep insight on patients, competitors and even your own procedures using intuitive dashboards. This makes discovering the gaps in local needs virtually automatic, without sacrificing precious time and money.


Trust & Support: Demandforce is trusted by over 150 leading management systems to seamlessly integrate and offer unparalleled patient doctor communication to their clients. Our success managers are committed to your growth, offering hands-on, world-class support when you need them.


How robust is your email marketing for medical practices? 


Demandforce offers end-to-end, automated email marketing for medical practices, from industry-specific, fully customizable templates to campaign targeting and tracking.


Bring in more new patients with personalized offers & newsletters or by modifying our pre-existing templates to fit your needs. You can include related images from our library or upload your own, plus add in a waitlist or portal link that invites patients to interact directly with your staff. Advanced segmentation allows you to filter and group patients based on age, gender and appointment status, so you can send personalized messages and track individual success.


Practices can overview campaign history and review key performance metrics (i.e. leads generated, appointments requested, and email open rates) to inform overall strategy.


Do you integrate with my practice management system?


Demandforce is trusted by over 150 leading management systems to deliver seamless integration to medical practices.


See if your practice management system integrates with Demandforce here:


Why should I use your appointment reminder software for doctors offices?


Demandforce’s appointment reminder software provides instant connection with patients, reduces no-shows, and helps practices manage a busy schedule – without extra effort. 


Personalize save-the-date, pre-appointment, day-of and follow up reminders; or send info about specific procedures and appointment types. Use pre-designed templates tailored to the medical industry or create your own messages, customizing everything from visuals to text.


Text message appointment reminders offer two-way, HIPAA compliant patient communication. Patients can confirm an upcoming appointment or cancel, in which case the hotlist will instantly fill the spot with a patient on your waiting list. Meanwhile, automated recall reminders connect with inactive or lost patients to remind them they’re due for an appointment.


Demandforce’s patient engagement software seamlessly integrates with your existing scheduling software, so reminders are automatically tracked and sent out in one spot.


How can Demandforce help with medical online reputation management? 


Demandforce helps you build a 5-star reputation by encouraging patients to post feedback and seamlessly capturing and comparing reviews with competitors.


Our software for reputation management automatically sends review requests via text or email post-visit. You can monitor and publish reviews on top review sites like Google, Facebook and WebMD. Once a review is submitted, review notifications allow you to automatically respond and quickly pinpoint a negative patient review, showing both existing and potential patients you care.


Practices can improve patient satisfaction and clinician performance with customized post-visit surveys. Meanwhile, your competitive dashboard collects and compares your reviews with local practices, giving you valuable information to outshine your competitors.


Advanced listing management software allows you to control how you appear in search results and integrates with over 150 listing sites. With patented technology, your practice can automatically claim any listing about your services to ensure you are the only publisher.


Do you offer a doctor patient portal? 


Yes! Our patient engagement platform for doctors helps you join the 90% of medical practices that offer a doctor patient portal. Giving patients one, secure space to monitor all of their information can increase trust, engagement and overall satisfaction.  


Patients can be invited to their portal using fully-customizable emails generated with their own unique registration link, making the process easy for both practices and patients. Portals provide patients with on-demand access to their records and prescriptions while giving them the ability to schedule appointments, submit documents and message their doctor via HIPAA compliant patient communication software. 


Doctor patient portals also streamline intake and communication for practices, increasing productivity while saving time and money.


What is the pricing for your Demandforce patient engagement platform for doctors?


We offer a range of services designed to set your practice up for success. To learn more about our patient engagement platform for doctors, schedule a free consultation with one of our experts. You can call us at 800.246.9853 or fill out our client form and we’ll respond within one business day.


What kind of results can I expect to see from using Demandforce?


We understand the complexities that come with staying current and connected in the digital world.


Since 2003, we’ve helped clinics evolve with industry changes, providing them with 100% more bookings, 94% more online reviews, 87% boosted email activity and 51% more appointment confirmations. And, giving them real, measurable results to constantly improve their performance and prepare them for the future.