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Lord Web Design is the home of the most creative Chicagoland logo designers. We offer comprehensive logo design Chicago services for professionals, SMBs, and enterprises. The logo is the most identifiable aspect of a business’s branding efforts; it sticks to the mind. If you did your homework correctly, your business logo would help guide customers to your business and offerings.

The biggest brands in history all have distinctive and memorable logos. Coca-Cola has a dynamic ribbon device. Amazon has unique typography on its logo that splashes everywhere. Pepsi has been refining its logo for years, making it ever more distinct and sharper. And who can forget about Mcdonald’s golden arches? That golden M has become synonymous with American fast food.

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Logo Design Chicago and a Unified Brand Identity

What is a name worth? Everything.

This would be the next urgent stage in establishing your brand identity if you do not have a brand name or tagline. Don’t rush it, whether launching a new firm or rebranding an existing one. It would help significantly if you could partner with us at Lord Web Design so that we can connect you with our Chicagoland logo designers.

Your brand only has moments to make a positive impression online, so ensure that essential elements such as the name, logo, tagline, and accompanying color selections assist customers in forming an appropriate image of you.

Explore the possibilities through group brainstorming sessions. Determine functional word associations that can help shape your brand name and logo.

Consider a name that may be used for a website’s URL and social media profiles. Conduct an online search to determine which URLs and social handles are still usable. Consider whether your brand name will reflect your brand’s identity components, such as your objectives, value proposition, and brand values.

91% of customers want the companies they support to be confirmed; therefore, knowing who you are and what you stand for and displaying that in your brand identity is crucial. Your brand name should be distinctive, simple to spell and read, and something that you are convinced will last the test of time.

Your slogan or tagline should be the first thing you want consumers to remember about your organization.

What concise and engaging approach to expressing your brand’s value proposition?
Integrate everything with a logo design Chicago

Aim to design a simple yet distinct logo consistent with your business identity.

Determine your color palette

Choosing the right color for your brand and sticking with it is beneficial. You do not need to be an expert in color theory to understand which hues work well together to represent your brand’s personality. Start by researching well-known brands in your industry. Then, strive for a balance between hues typical of your industry and a wholly unique palette.

Typographies and typefaces

Customized typography or a carefully selected typeface is essential to brand identity. In addition, it can offer an essential finishing touch to your logo. In truth, many logos are simply well-executed custom typography.

Your brand needs a typeface that communicates with your clientele or consumer base, regardless of where it is used. You’ll want a minimum of two typefaces, one for headlines and display copy and another for body material.

Update Your Business Logo with Our Chicagoland Logo Designers

Although it would be ideal for establishing any business with a logo that perpetually reflects its brand, it is unlikely that you will achieve this on the first attempt.

Every business has an old logo that is rushed just because it was opening and there wasn’t a logo for the marketing collaterals. And this is perfectly normal. However, it’s also normal for a business to want to have a new business logo because it has more time now to focus on these subtle yet essential aspects of unified branding.

Even the best brands and graphic designers acknowledge that, with time, a business’s original logo may become outdated because of many possible factors.

A logo makeover is the simplest solution. There are numerous reasons to contemplate a new logo design, not just because your current one has become outdated.

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You are changing the name of your brand

Brands are constantly evolving and changing, often to the point that their original logo or brand identity is no longer present in their current incarnation. So if your business is prepared for its next phase, there’s much to gain from slightly tweaking the logo to reflect the changes.

You are rebranding or repositioning

Repositioning your brand is consciously rebranding your company to alter how it is viewed in the marketplace.

A firm rebrand might be the consequence of a merger, a change in services or brand values, the evolution of brand identity, an attempt to rebound from falling earnings, ineffective branding, increasing competition, or the desire to attract a new target audience or fulfill the evolving needs of consumers.

Regardless of the cause, redesigning your visual identity, mainly your logo, is an essential component of corrective marketing strategy.

Your competitors are gaining traction and getting a larger slice of the market

In a competitive market, your brand must appear contemporary and relevant.

What garnered interest a few years ago may no longer be as effective if numerous new competitors seek market share. If your competitors offer a broader or more in-demand selection of products or services than you do, this poses a risk to the stability of your brand.

In such situations, you require more than a logo change; you must also analyze your value proposition and determine if it has to be expanded to suit consumer demands and remain competitive.

Your logo looks tired and outdated

If you’re fortunate enough to remain in business for a long time, your logo may likely want a brand refreshment since it already appears dated after all those years of success (ironic, yes).

Similar to how the best songs of your high school years may eventually become the next generation’s biggest hits on a “oldies” station, graphic design styles that were once considered cutting-edge can eventually become throwbacks.

However, this does not imply that you must discard your current logo and start from scratch. On the contrary, it is typical for firms to update their logos by slightly modifying one or more of their design features.

Sometimes a simple tweak in typeface, color scheme, or images can make your company’s logo appear more modern and contemporary to your target audience.

When the business is well-established and has a solid visual identity, the most effective logo redesigns are deliberate and discreet, such that the new logo is instantly recognized.