Website Development in Chicagoland

Lord Web Design offers best-in-class website development in Chicagoland for companies of all sizes. Our Chicago WordPress developers can build you a complete custom website, microsites, landing pages, website pages, a customized content management system, and more.


Naperville Web Developer

Lord Web Design’s Website development services Chicago IL do not believe in a “one-size-fits-all” website.

To guarantee that your new site is quick to load, secure, user-friendly, responsive to mobile devices, SEO-friendly, and focused on generating leads and improving sales, we offer comprehensive and bespoke services to respond to your customers’ unique needs.

Our web development approach is strategic, and we aim to provide the best features and employ the right technology and software in each project.



As a company specializing in website development in Chicagoland, we work with different CMS, but we recommend WordPress if your website’s main thrust is inbound marketing, content marketing, or SEO.

Lord Web Design’s WordPress developers can also help businesses focused on eCommerce or online retail. In addition, our other expert services, like SEO, can provide additional momentum to your digital marketing efforts after we develop the website.

What Does Website Development in Chicagoland Entail?

The term “website development services” refers to a wide range of options available to anyone interested in creating a new website or revamping an existing one with the help of expert WordPress developers.

Whether your website’s goal is to increase leads, boost sales, disseminate information, or provide customer support, these services are crucial to its development and maintenance.

A wide variety of services fall under the umbrella of “web development.

The most common ones are custom site development, web app development, responsive design, UI and IX design, managing WordPress integrations, and monthly website maintenance packages.

As a company offering website development in Chicagoland, Lord Web Design also offers other essential services related to the first launch or upgrade of your websites, like web design, graphic design, conversion rate optimization, and inbound marketing consultancy.


How Do WordPress Developers Create Great Websites for Chicagoland Businesses?

Lord Web Design’s overall strategy is based on identifying and satisfying customers’ underlying needs. To guarantee that your website is suitable and better-suited to your users, we incorporate several factors into the production process, including an SEO-friendly site structure, mobile responsiveness, user tracking, Google Analytics 4, and UX. You can also ask us about website hosting and maintenance services.


Excellent Interface and User Experience

We can help develop a complete UX strategy for your business. First, Lord Web Design will collaborate with your marketing team to develop an information architecture that prioritizes your audience’s needs. Next, we will organize your pages and content into intuitive categories. Finally, we’ll help you plot your website’s development and see that your overall vision for it comes to life.


Our WordPress Developers Deliver Responsive Web Design

Lord Web Design will create a website that is not only visually appealing but also user-friendly, search engine optimized, mobile optimized, focused on the end goal, powered by Google Analytics 4.

An effective website shouldn’t just look good, and it should fulfill the needs of your business and your customers. Therefore, one of the initial challenges of having a new website is finding out what works and what doesn’t.

Our website development in Chicagoland will help you discover these things and more. We will help improve the function and usability of your website while providing the needs of your target users. Lor Web Design’s efforts will increase user engagement while improving CTR and conversion rates for improved sales and leads.


A Powerful, Stable, and Secure Backend for Your Website

The world does not revolve solely around what we see on screen. Our WordPress developers will set up your website’s backend so that you can make essential changes without relying on coders all the time.

You can manage users and their access privileges on your website. Before launching your new site, we will install Google Analytics 4 to ensure accurate data tracking.

You won’t be stuck where you can’t even log into your WordPress dashboard to see what’s happening on your website. A successful business owner must have easy access “under the hood” after we’re done with website development in Chicagoland.


Designing a Highly Functional Front-End

At this point, everything starts to become real. So that you can see how your site will look in development, we will take your web designs and implement them on the website’s front end. The front end refers to everything customers see on their PCs and mobile devices when they land on your website.

Here, you can make any necessary adjustments and fine-tune things to optimize your website to attract, inform, and convert its target audiences. In addition, you can be assured that our WordPress developers will provide updates during development.