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Lord Web Design is one of the leading digital marketing companies in Chicago, IL providing high-quality web hosting services. Lord Web Design ensures one of the best website hosting services with a 99.99% uptime guarantee and 24/7 access to the customer support team. At Lord Web Design, we have a team of highly qualified professionals to provide the maximum assistance to the clients while delivering rapid troubleshooting. If you are planning to build a brand new website or are a business owner, it’s critical to consider a reliable web hosting company to manage your business.

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In addition, a web host’s performance plays a critical role in the development and growth of any website or online business. As we have discussed earlier, a good website hosting company must ensure more than 99% uptime without any service interruption; otherwise, you may risk losing your clients. However, there is no need to worry about anything while choosing Lord Web Design because we offer the most remarkable services to our customers. For your convenience, let’s have a look at the notable features of Lord Web Design.

Excellent Performance

Regarding the performance, there is no match for Lord Web Design, thanks to the 99.99% uptime and fast average loading time. Unlike other web host companies, Lord Web Design had a very smooth performance graph during the past six months without any major issues. Besides uptime and loading speed, Lord Web Design hosting is reliable and highly secure compared to other hosting services in the same pricing category.

Zero Downtime

As we have discussed earlier, Uptime is very important for the success of any website; otherwise, the users won’t be able to access the webpage. It’s crucial to choose the particular web hosting company that has almost zero downtime, or else you will lose sales, leads, and visitors to your website. Apart from sales, downtime can also negatively impact the SEO of any website because Google and other Search Engines prefer those websites to rank higher that have maximum uptime. Luckily, the Downtime of Lord Web Design Hosting services has been almost nil during the past six months.


Cyber security is a very serious concern in this modern era of technology and the internet, especially when choosing a web hosting company for your website. At Lord Web Design, we have a team of highly qualified cyber security professionals to handle DDoS attacks, hacking attempts, and other security issues professionally. Moreover, our team of professionals will also make sure to protect your website data and other confidential information from hackers and spammers. You can also talk to our customer support team in case of any security concerns, and we will be happy to ensure your website’s utmost security.


Even if you have little knowledge about how web hosting works, you will be aware of the role of bandwidth. It’s one of the most important services every web hosting company provides its customers. In other words, Bandwidth is the loading time required to transfer website files. Lord Web Design offers unmetered bandwidth that will allow you to transfer unlimited data within a certain amount of bandwidth. If you have a website that provides online services, tools, or anything that involves downloading/uploading, you must consider our web hosting services. We assure you that you will never experience any issue related to bandwidth while using our web hosting services.

Pre-Installed Apps

Like any other reputable and reliable hosting company, Lord Web Design also offers several pre-installed apps for the convenience of customers. You will get additional apps like Cpanel, One-Click transfer, FTP (File Transfer Protocol), Domain Names, Website Builder, and most importantly, free backup in our web hosting plans. Even if you have very little technical knowledge, these pre-installed apps will make many things easier for you.

Disk or Storage Space

We all know that Disk space, or storage space, is one of the essential services that web hosting providers offer. Fortunately, Lord Web Design is one of the few hosting providers offering an impressive amount of disk space in its hosting packages. Moreover, we will also allow you extra disk space at reasonable service charges if your demand exceeds your current hosting package.

Customer Friendly Support

It’s normal to encounter problems such as errors or bugs while using any hosting service. You may need to reach the support team to resolve those errors to get a quick response. We at Lord Web Design always prioritize our customers; we offer 24/7 customer support services. To resolve the issues, we have a team of professionals to provide you with possible technical assistance through various channels such as Email Support, Chat, Calls, Chatbots, and Forums. At Lord Web Design, we assure you that all your queries and problems will be answered and resolved in less than 24 hours.


Last but not least, the pricing of our web hosting packages at Lord Web Design is quite reasonable. You will notice a visible difference if you compare our hosting services prices with other hosting providers. In addition to affordable pricing, we also offer high-quality services to our customers to provide maximum value for their money. For more details about the prices of our web hosting packages, you can carefully review our web hosting service packages to choose the best one according to your requirements.

Why Should You Choose Lord Web Design?

Remember, choosing the right web hosting service can contribute to your website’s or online business’s success. We all understand that choosing the right web host isn’t easy, especially if you are planning to invest a huge amount in your website. If you are looking for the best hosting company in Chicago, don’t forget to consider Lord Web Design hosting services. If you have any queries in mind related to any of our web hosting packages or specific services, don’t hesitate to talk to our customer support team. We will be happy to help you in case of any problems or queries in your mind.