Website Maintenance

Nearly all online searches today produce immediate contact between customers and companies vying for a good spot in the digital marketing landscape. Your website runs 24/7, making monthly website maintenance services an inevitable necessity.

Customers check out your website, learn all about your brand and business, and maybe some of them will make an immediate purchase.

web maintenance service

A positive or negative first impression can make or break a sale for your business. Because of this, you are keeping up a company’s website is now an essential part of running a modern business.

Lord Web Design is here to help your business succeed by providing a reliable website maintenance strategy that ensures your customers always have a positive experience with your website. We also offer custom packages to improve your site’s efficiency, security, uptime, and reliability. To keep your website safe, user-friendly, and up-to-date, you should invest in website maintenance services.

What's Included in Monthly Website Maintenance?

The following are some of the most frequently requested types of website maintenance services for businesses:

  •       Scheduled maintenance and revisions to existing content
  •       Scanning WordPress and updating plugins and the WP core engine for vulnerabilities
  •       Monthly website maintenance and regular help with the content management system
  •       Regular site backups

How Do Website Maintenance Plans Work?

Lord Web Design can provide you with WordPress updates, plugin maintenance, website security checks, and help with CMS.

Lord Web Design’s stellar team of WordPress experts will keep your site constantly updated and secure for users during business hours. Our website maintenance services cover all the bases, whether you need to update images, remove text, or alter a link.

Some examples of custom website maintenance services are:

  •   Making changes to the text and rich media.
  •   Retouching, cropping and adding to the existing image bank.
  •   Making changes to page layout.
  •   Changing the navigational structure of the website.
  •   Uploading and posting new files.
  •   Managing your website’s VideoPress service.
  •   Adding, changing, or removing existing links.
  •   Changing images anywhere on the website.

Website maintenance services include technical assistance and consulting requests from your business. In addition, Lord Web Design offers insightful advice about adding something to your website. So whether you’re considering a new landing page or an excellent contact form, we will help you achieve better results.

Regular WordPress Website Maintenance is Crucial

WordPress is a popular CMS, so we include it in our website maintenance plans. In addition, our WordPress services include installing and maintaining all necessary security patches and engine upgrades for your installation. If you have purchased a separate plan from, that works, too. It’s the same WordPress engine.

What Does “Updating WordPress” Mean, Anyway?

Below are examples of the kinds of routine changes that we make to client websites as part of our site maintenance plans:

  •   Rebuilding or redesigning a WordPress site.
  •   Making changes to product pages.
  •   Adding discount codes for online promotions.
  •   Adding site enhancements.

Customers, employees, and potential leads are the best judges of your website’s effectiveness. Visitors’ inquiries, criticisms, and recommendations can be used to fine-tune your site. These tips can improve your site’s online performance with regular website maintenance.

Are There Changes to Your Service or Product Line, As of Late?

Business growth will inevitably lead to adjustments in the quality and cost of your goods and services.

That’s why businesses need a regular website maintenance process for things like updating old products, changing the prices of existing services, etc.

Regular maintenance keeps your digital business fresh and relevant for visitors.

Your website can better serve its customers by offering them the most up-to-date offers at competitive prices.

These minor changes to the website are tricky and often require some knowledge of the website builder or custom WordPress theme. Adding the codes yourself may not always produce the intended result, especially if you are not entirely familiar with the website builder and the additional plugins that make those codes work within the eCommerce framework.

Customers not only place a high degree of faith in the Internet but also expect the information they find on your website to be correct before they contact you or visit your physical location. For this and many other reasons, your site’s content must always be current.

Running Regular, Online Promotions

If you run an online store, you must keep your website current with information about sales, discounts, and other offerings. However, if your business only exists in the real world, you can still attract customers by advertising deals online.

Keeping your business competitive requires offering customers discounts, rewards, and other incentives. So whether short or long-term, your sales strategies will benefit from a website refresh. With the help of Lord Web Design’s team of experts, you can provide your customers with special discounts and incentives, thereby increasing your sales.