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How Do You Decide Which Web Development Platform Is Right for Your Website?

Designing a web application may require advanced skill sets, sometimes knowledge in programming. However, to ease web development today there are many platforms available to choose from such as PHP, ASP.NET, JSP and much more. Developing a professional web app may require some technical knowledge. However, the advanced platforms and frameworks available for web or mobile app development are now easy to use and may not demand high technical and programming knowledge.

All new platforms can help to design highly professional and unique web applications. However, finding a platform that suits your coding and designing skills can be a better option to select. Web application development may involve difficult processes; however, these platforms can ease your job and allow you to breathe.

Factors Determining which Web Development Platform to Choose

Everyone may not have the skill to develop applications for their business as desired. However, by selecting the platform appropriately you can still develop your own web application. Here follow a few factors that determine which web development platform suits you right:

· Your targeted audience is one of the major determining factors to choose the platform. If your app is going to target mass market, then choose the platforms like iOS, Android, however, you can choose corporate-based platforms to target the business community

· ROI is another deciding factor, which enables the business to sustain in the market. You should also consider the cost and profit before developing the app

· The platform you are going to choose should focus on the revenue streams, which is bringing great revenue opportunities to the developers

· Cross-platform tools help to write apps in one codebase and deploy them across several platforms. Developing web apps for multiple platforms can lower the costs and allow to reach a huge audience pool

· Analyze your industry, and business objectives and clearly define the expectations about the app. By thoroughly analyzing you can develop a roadmap about what platform suits your expectations

· You need to consider the security constraints, utility patterns of the app, cost and reach of information to select a platform

· Be focused on integrating the services or multitude of features into the app.

· Data security is another major determinant in the selection process of web app development platform

Some of the best web development platforms to choose from include;

· Knack: Focuses on little data and allows building simple web apps

· Kinvey: Hardest to use and technical, especially if you are new to coding or designing

· Meteor: Provides real-time updates on default and apps can be developed with just one language, which simplifies the development process

· Appery.io: Helps to develop both mobile and responsive web applications. This is a cloud-based HTML5 and Hybrid mobile app builder

· Laravel: This is a PHP 5.3 framework, which makes developing simple and easy

Ruby on Rails

Among a number of platforms available for web development, Ruby on Rails is the most preferred one. This is an open-source web app stack that consists Rails as a framework, which are developed using pure object-oriented language, Ruby. Rails consist of pre-written code, which helps to implement the structure and common functions of a database-driven website. Ruby also helps to create working software.

Why Ruby on Rails for web development?

· It is dynamic in approach

· Features Do not repeat yourself / Model view controller (helps to address issues of code reusability and separation of concerns)

· Features Activate record patterns and convention over configuration

· Helps solve common architectural problems of logging, application configuration, build scripts, which increases the development process productive

· The popular names associated with Ruby on Rails web app building are Twitter, Groupon, Yellow pages and Shopify

Ruby on rails as an effective web development platform supports rapid development activities. It is absolutely flexible to use.

All these above-said pros of this platform emphasize the need to hire ruby programmer. The ruby programmer will be knowledgeable about the advanced technology. He is also efficient in developing high-level database-driven websites by just using simple code generation. Selecting an experienced programmer with a good track record can help you gain the most from the development process. It is also essential to consider the capability and expertise of the programmer before selecting for Ruby on Rails web app development. The programmer hired should be capable of producing expected results and should have a good knowledge of functionality and methodology of agile development.